What areas do you work in?

All over UK subject to fees. We are based in NW London. We can also do international jobs on request.

How do I know what system is right for me?

We will advise on the correct system for your event or show and quote according to the size of the event.

Can you provide musical instruments for my live show?

Yes, we can provide all backline including instruments, amps, drums, keyboards and more.

Can you recommend musicians and DJ’s to perform at my event?

We have contacts within the music industry and can recommend experienced and professional musicians and DJ’s for any size event.

Do you have experienced staff that can deal with live bands and manage a full show?

All of our staff have years of experience running sound for live shows of all sizes from small venues to venues with the capacity for thousands, working with top line professional musicians in all styles.

Can you supply a sound system for my wedding or party?

We supply all sorts of sound systems for small to large parties with DJ and microphone solutions. We provide a hassle-free service to ensure your audio and lighting needs are met without a hitch.

Do you sound check live bands?

We arrive at every show very early and ensure we have plenty of time to check that everything is running smoothly and to set up the sound system and instruments to make sure they sound amazing. We always ensure that the performers are happy with monitoring and stage set up and we go out of our way to make sure live shows run smoothly, sound good and the musicians don’t have to worry about anything beside their performance.

We are happy to answer any questions you have, no matter how silly. Text, call or email us.

07983543635 or 07956878077


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